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Creating a base-code starter with NodeJs.

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Nobody likes doing same things several times, especially developers. I feel comfortable with starter tools who combine different technologies which I often used to setup a new project quickly. This is my story with NodeJs.


Why did I need Node-starter?


Problem statement

When I started a new project with NodeJs, I had to do all the setup again. Install some modules, implement an ORM, PassportJs for user authentication…

My reflection

I imagined a base code starter to quickly setup a new project. I integrated ExpressJs light framework, the ORM SequelizeJs and the middleware PassportJs for user authentication.

I wanted a tool to setup website backend or API quickly. With Node-starter I can start a new project without re-installing everything I need to begin.

Check the project on Github.


Idea to development

Node-starter management process


ExpressJs is one of the most popular NodeJs micro-framework, it’s simple to use and is of a great benefit to a huge community.

SequelizeJs supports all major SQL dialects, so we can easily start a project with MySQL or PostgreSQL. Plus, it‘s also well implemented with ExpressJs.

PassportJs allows to simply add a user authentication base logic to local connections or social networks signup/login with oauth.

Node-starter is just an assembly of these technos ready to use, with a user model and basic routes for authentication logic.

Quick technical review
  • NodeJs
  • ExpressJs
  • SequelizeJs
  • PassportJs
  • Git

Feedback & lessons learned

Node-starter workflow


The result is a base code ready to use to quickly start a new NodeJs project with a SQL database. The project is not fixed, I maintain and improve it as my skills evolve.

What I learned

I built this starter to practice but also improve my NodeJs skills. The NodeJs projects I’m involved in,  led me to maintain this starter and think about a general base architecture – this is my NodeJs playground to test new things.


I’ll maintain this project as I’ll work with NodeJs. There’re some ameliorations to bring, like base unit tests system.

Keep an eye on the github repo for some new updates.

Thank you.