Connecting people through
a mini-games app.

2014, Javascript, Mobile App
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People are more and more on their smartphones. They spend time on social networks, play at social games, chat on dating apps. But can we say that these people maintain real social relations? Play2meetyou can do it.


Are people really connected?

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Problem statement

Social apps are daily used by millions of people, they’re the most dowloaded on stores. With a group of friends we noticed that a lot of people play on their smartphones and sometimes are physically very close to each other, but they aren’t playing together. Worst, maybe they’re playing at the same game, but they don’t even see each others.


We thought it’d be interesting to connect these people so they can play together. Play2meetyou is a mobile application who connects people locally through mini-games, our goal is to allow people to meet in a different way. Mini-games are fun and help to break the ice. It makes it easy to chat… and meet for real.


Who are we?

Play2meetyou team

Clement Le Biez


Guillaume Brosse


Marc-Antoine Babe


Kevin Bizien


Victor Gouzher

Designer illustrator

My role

I am personally involved on the design, development and project mangement parts. I regularly conducts agile retrospective (every two months on average).


Idea to development

Play2meetyou management process

Project management

This work was an opportunity for us to become familiar with project management. We apply agile methods and ensure good communication within the team, we regularly review our last weeks of work to ensure project dynamism and good group cohesion.

We work with Trello to manage our tasks, we use Slack for instant messaging and are constantly connected.

Design & development

As you can see above, the team is essentialy composed of developers.

We’re developping this application with Cordova, this techno allows us to develop one code base for all mobile OS. Our stack is full Javascript with AngularJs and NodeJs.

An other techno really important for our process is Git, I can’t imagine our workflow without a version control – it would be a bit of a mess, I guess.

Zoom on my work: NodeJs and SASS

I mainly worked on developing the NodeJs API with Guillaume. I built a node-starter with the light framework ExpressJs, the ORM SequelizeJs and the middleware PassportJs for authentication. Have a look at the case study here.

On another side, I worked on the design and integration of the application with Marc-Antoine. Our workflow is run by Gulp and we manage stylesheets with the preprocessor SASS. We develop UI component who can be reusable in the entire application.

Play2meetyou UX searches
Quick technical review
  • NodeJs, ExpressJs, SequelizeJs, MySQL
  • Socket IO
  • Cordova
  • AngularJs
  • Sass
  • Gulp
  • Git

Retrospective & lessons learned

Play2meetyou Androïd


The app is available on PlayStore on android. It’ll be the same for iOS devices soon. The launch on android is relatively new, I’ll update this story when I get more feedback.

Play2meetyou business cards
Play2meetyou conference

What I learned

When we started to develop this project, we were still students. I discovered some technos like AngularJs and improved a lot my Javascript skills, especially with NodeJs. This project is the basis for the development of my Node-Starter.

I think I learned a lot on the development process with others developers, particularly in the management of the code base with Git.

Technic apart, I improved my agile management with my first retrospectives organisation. This is a very important things for our team. Without this practice, maybe the project no won’t exist anymore.


The team members continue to work and improve the app. For the technical part, the priority will be to implement unit and end to end tests. When the app will be on app store, we’ll focus on users feedback and will try to follow the good path to improve the meeting experience and real socials relations.

Sit tight.

Thank you.