Re-designing my very own website.

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Website redesign cover

After 2 years online, my profil evolved and my website needed to be refreshed, this case study explains what I needed and how I developped this redesign.


Why redesigning my website?

Old website design

Problem statement

Before the redesign, my website was particularly oriented on design. That was my speciality, I started as a designer and created websites with HTML, CSS and jQuery. I designed and integrated this website without specific tools, just HTML, CSS and jQuery. It was my first real experience in website development.

After 2 years, I moved from being designer to front-end developer. I worked hard to get my diploma in web development and started working at MH Communication – a web agency in Caen (France) – as a front-end developer.

Today, my speciality is to build re-usable and scalable front-end architecture with CSS and Javascript. I also work with WordPress and can develop custom website for people who want to easily update their website without coding skills.

My reflection

I needed to redesign my website to show these changes and explain my development work. Show my javascript skills with animations and give development process details on my case studies.


Idea to development

Website redesign management process

Design & Development

The design was made with Gleren Meneghin, designer friend and partner at Guidr. He designed a few screens to guide me, and we shared thoughts throughout the website development to work on every detail.

As I said just before, I develop custom website with WordPress so it was logical for me to use this tool to build my own new website. The aim was to develop a site with which I could add content without coding, like new posts and new projects or just update a simple page.

I developed my custom post types and fields using the content I wanted. This technique allows me to manage easily my data with the WordPress administration.

My favorite part was to develop my own wordpress theme to be able to display my data the way I want. For this I use custom front end architecture within the project with SASS, modules InuitCSS and vanilla Javascript manage by Webpack.

Website Wordpress administration
Quick technical review
  • WordPress
  • SASS
  • InuitCSS
  • Vanilla JS
  • NPM
  • Gulp
  • Webpack
  • Babel
  • Git

Feedback & lessons learned

Website redesign iPad


My website has got a new design with custom development, it’s better adapted to my current position while explaining more my thinking and process.

What I learned

I really like to work with designers. Since few years, I practiced less and less graphic and digital design, this project made me aware of some practical design and visual rigor.

I also improve my Javascript functionnal programming to develop the animations.


I’ll update my case studies all the way through projects progress.

I’d love to hear from you about all these subjects 🙂 Get in touch on twitter or shoot me an email.

Thank you.